General information

Quench resistors

If the display still glows weakly when the equipment is turned off, quench resistors may be the answer to your problem. On request we can fit most articles with additional quench resistors in parallel to the mains or to the lamp with different resistor values. 

Maximum temperature

In the standard design, the signal lamps are suitable for maximum temperatures of 120°C (up to 110°C or 105°C) with PVC or Levapren leads. For use under special operating conditions, most articles are also available for use at temperatures of up to 150°C, and in some cases even higher.


Glow lamps 120V, 230V, 400V and with an operating life of 25,000 hours are fitted as standard. A higher operating life or increased brightness, is also possible for almost all signal lamps. Green glow lamps (LST) are also available for green signal lamps. We can supply you with LED´s for use with low voltage signal lamps (6V, 12V, 24V).


And of course we can also produce special colors for you. Our standard articles are available quickly and at low cost:

> red-transparent

> yellow-transparent

> green-transparent

> clear

Depending on the article, opaque colors, plus blue and orange, are also available. Just ask us. 


Free wire ends can be stripped of insulation to 3-10 mm (6.0 mm is standard) or tinned, or supplied with cut or displaced insulation. 

Our standard program offers fitting parts made from St/Ni, CuZn/Sn and CuZn. Receptacles, flag receptacles, piggy-back receptacles and end splices are delivered in the following measures: 0.8 x 2.8, 4.8 or 6.3.

We recommend the use of steel/nickel terminals for temperatures exceeding 120°C. Open barrel terminals, cable loops, round receptacles or pins, insulation housings or other terminals are also available on request.


As standard, most lamps are fitted with plastic snap-on clips for front-fitting. Information on other types of fittings is also provided.

Test marks

All products correspond to European specifications. Please ask for details of the latest approvals, which are constantly updated. 

Fitting information

Details of the installation opening and the suitable material thickness are given for each article on the relevant page. We will gladly supply you with detailed drawings with tolerances and deviations. 


Depending on your requirements, signal lamps are available with flat connectors or with end-stripped 0.5 mm² leads.


Suitable articles can be printed according to your needs. We use silk screen printing or thermographic processes.

The following coverings are available for connection wires:


Max. temp. range

PVC (Standard)  








glas-fiber covered

silicon lead


PTFE (not 

always available)


Of course, if necessary we can also use special wire qualities and cross-sections, if this is possible with the required signal lamp.