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Jelenia Gora 

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Where You Can Find Us


Ostfildern/Stuttgart (Germany):

  • Administration 
  • Prototyping and samples
  • Pilot series / small series production of cable harnesses and signal lamps


Floor space: 1.000 sqm, Total space: 2.000 sqm, Employees: 20


Our head office in Ostfildern is the central hub of the ARCUS Group. Customer service, order processing, quality management, product and systems development, project planning, etc. is controlled from here. By getting in touch with our qualified staff, you can take advantage of the expertise of the entire ARCUS Group. In order to extend our service for our customers, we will increase the office floor space from spring 2013.

Herborn/Hessen (Germany):

  • Wiring & cable harnesses IDC Rast 2,5 and 5
  • Komax fully automatic cutting, crimping machines with automatic block loading station insertion stations (1-sided and 2-sided assembled group connectors / modules from 2 to 21 poles)
  • High tech cable harness & assembly machines Komax Zeta (processing of up to 36 wires of different cross-sections and colours in one sequence)
  • Welding / compacting technology
  • Special machinery for the production of cable harnesses
  • Technical competence center and development


Floor space: 4.000 sqm, Total space: 5.000 sqm, Employees: 80


Herborn is our technology center. With our modern machinery and production methods, we manufacture complicated cable harnesses fully automatically. 

By a high degree of automation and our outstanding expertise, we provide high quality goods cost efficiently.

Jelenia Gora (Poland):

  • Cutting & crimping of wires, cutting and crimping of jacket cables
  • Assembly of cable harnesses and complex modules
  • Production of signal lamps and complete neon assemblies
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Logistics center Eastern Europe

Floor space: 3.500 sqm, Total space: 6.500 sqm, Employees: 150


Since 2004, we predominantly produce cable harnesses and signal lamps in our Polish plant, which require a higher portion of manual labor. By good working conditions and manufacturing aids such as plugs, test connectors and electrical test boards, we are also able to meet the highest quality demands of our clients.


In recent years we have steadily increased the level of automation. For the production of cable harnesses and signal lamps we use semi-automatic, fully automatic cutting & crimping machines and up-to-date plastic injection molding machines. This trend will also increasingly automate the manual production in the coming years. In 2011 the production area was doubled to 2.000 sqm. By 2015, an expansion of the production area to a total of 3.500 sqm is pursued.